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Discussion: Book Lists for Bingo Squares
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created by: Murder by Death
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I volunteered to create BookLikes booklists for each category of the 2016 Halloween Book Bingo, and the links to these lists are below. As always, if you'd like to contribute a recommendation to any of the lists, please comment on the list, (not here), and I'll add the books asap.

Magical Realism
Genre: Horror
Black Cat

Diverse Authors Can Be Spooky Fun
Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses
Young Adult Horror
Scary Women (Authors)

Grave or Graveyard
Genre: Mystery
Creepy Crawlies

"Fall" into a Good Book
Locked Room Mystery
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Set in New England
Full Moon

Vampires vs. Werewolves
Classic Horror
Set on Halloween

(I've skipped the free square and the two "action" squares.)
Took a little long than I thought (RL plus So. Many. Books!), but all the lists are created now and linked above.

Hope you find them useful. :)
Wow! I will check them our tomorrow after I get back from vacation! Great job! Thanks!
Great job -- thanks for all the work you put into this!
Happy to do it! I now also have a rich source of future librarian edits and clean-ups. :P
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Well I tried to help clean up what I was suggesting. And yes, thanks for all your work!
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Hehe, yes, so did I -- also on a few books MbD had added where I could see some work (tying in etc.) was needed. I just would have wished BL would let us add books on our own, instead of having to dump it all on the list creator and just make her go on working!
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You did Tannat - it was noticed and appreciated! You too Themis (although I can't necessarily tell when you've done the edits, I only know that you would). I also mucho appreciated the ISBNs you both listed, makes it so much easier in the search box.

I cleaned up a few as I went along - the ones that were obviously a disaster, but were small enough I could tackle quickly. I ignored a lot of them with the idea of combing through the lists after they were finished; otherwise I'd have never gotten the lists done - too many librarian rabbit holes to fall down. :)

@OB: I love the idea of public contributions with owner lock. That's the best of both worlds... Themis, that gets added to the list! ;-)
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(As for cleaning up, I took a look at individual authors -- Sayers, Stevenson etc. -- and tried to make the DB more workable for them (that's a recent project of mine anyway), but other than that, I mostly tied in books where I noticed the edition you had listed was an orphan, or at least not yet connected to the "main" blob of books. Not the type of thing you'd notice, except if you knew you'd read / shelved the book in question, but BL wasn't initially showing it accordingly on the list -- and if you'd later see that now it's tied in.)
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Tannat, you do some pretty good edits and notes
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Btw I wasn't fishing for compliments, just acknowledging that my making edits added to the list that the librarians have to wade through. And if the quality of my edits has improved, it's because MbD and Bookstooge have steered me in the right direction.

Now I just have to remember which books I was going to go back to in order to add more info...
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Maybe not fishing, but we needed to tell you anyway: if only everyone took as much care as you did, librarian edits would be a snap! :)

And yes, I'm going to have the same problem remembering, which is why I'll probably just comb through the lists book by book and clean up as I find stuff.
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Serious question as I've never been a librarian, here or on BL: is there something that I can do to make it easier?

I don't think about it much, but I use two methods: shelving using the button up top, in which case I believe everything - all the information - should be there. If I add a book, I add in all the information that I have, but I don't do this if I can help it as it's too time consuming. I prefer to shelve it from Amazon, as that's the only site I've found that works.
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Grim, I'm not sure what the "shelve it" button brings over from Amazon, but I'm guessing it's probably all of the important stuff - isbn, title, author... maybe publisher/date but I've seen Amazon records that don't have this, so maybe not.

If you add books and include all the information you have, you're doing better than about half the other BL'ers.

The people that make new books adds tough for the librarians are the ones that add books with only the title and author and cover. They leave everything else blank. And it's not that there are a heap of people who do this, but the ones that do, add a lot of books. The other thing that makes adds (and edits) hard are when people use GoodReads as a source: GR stopped being a reliable and accurate source soon after Amazon bought them and changed the rules for record keeping.
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Forgive my ignorance, but what "shelve it" button are you talking about? Not that I really shop on Amazon, but you know...
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