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text 2019-09-25 02:59
Pretty Reckless - Grace L.C. Shen-Ong

Penn has much to blame on Daria.  After he helped her to shoo his sister away, he spends the next four years on ice.  Literally not feeling anything, until he sees her again.


Daria has been trying to be seen.  She is not seen or heard at home.  She gravitates toward the loners, even though she is part of the popular kids at school.  Her attraction to Penn is the only thing she really feels.


This dark romance was quite the surprise.  I felt all the feels.  I laughed, cried, and basically begged for mercy as I got closer to the end of the book.  This is a story full of very deep and rich characters.  I found myself spellbound by them and wondering what they would do next.  I think this was a great read.  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2019-07-08 04:22
Saints and Misfits
Saints and Misfits - S Mahmud Ali

My problem with this book was the same problem that I had when I read Not the Girls You're Looking For. There wasn't really a plot to the story, it just started seemingly in the middle of something without really cluing you in on what was happening and you just had to piece it together along the way. It's not really clear what the main plot or conflict is you just kind of have to take a guess until everything happens at the end.

And unlike Not the Girls You're Looking For, this protagonist didn't really have any personality. Even now I couldn't tell you what personality traits she had or what interests she had because she was that dull and two-dimensional. It was the exact opposite of trying too hard to not be like other girls (which complete side-note but,,,,,,this is not a personality trait).

To be honest, most of the characters fell flat, to me they didn't really have any depth to them or more than one quality. Even Farooq, who is the monster, isn't much of a character and you'd think he would be considering he haunts Janna throughout the entire book. Don't get me wrong, he's a creep, but there's not really any further information on why he is the way he is, there's no complexity to him.

And lastly, it got boring, like it's easy to rip through because it's short and the writing style makes it easy to digest, but it's still boring. By the time I was on the last hundred pages, I had started skimming.

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review 2019-06-23 18:59
Book Review for Ropes by Jack Davenport Burning Saints MC #3
Ropes (Burning Saints MC Book 3) Kindle Edition - Jack Davenport



Let's start off by saying this is a new author for us and we enjoyed our very first read by them.
Ropes and Devlin couldn't have been any more different yet perfect for one another.Ropes for the most part is mild mannered unless riled then he is deadly.Devlin on the other hand is funny,feisty,mouthy and a take no sh** kind of girl.This is my kind of girl ! lol
I have to say that I really loved the plot of the story as it was totally unexpected but, fun.One of the things we liked is that Ropes wasn't your typical biker type or so I thought.Ropes definitely  fits into the lifestyle and all that and is rough around the edges but, he was so much more.
We found to be fun,smart,sexy,deadly,protective and a man who knows what he wants a makes no bones about it.I also loved that he had asensitive side and was open about his insecurities and was open about them with his girl not something bikers usually do.All of these things just made us love him more."We loved seeing his softer side."
I loved how he came out to his president about his secret profession it was the funniest and most priceless moments ever. LOL 
Devlin we found to be sexy,smart,smart mouthed,had a temper,driven,protective,possessive and just a lot of fun as she had a feisty personality."We just loved her!"
Overall this story was a lot of fun as it had and unusual plot and storyline had enough drama and a touching romance to keep you turning the pages to the very end.The story was filled with a great cast of characters and the main characters we easy to love.I will also say that the story brought us tons of laughs along with giving us tons of smiles and that is always a plus in my book.
Favorite quotes of ours
Ropes secret thoughts of Devlin
"One thousand pieces. No corners, no edges, give up now."
This was a really fun read for me.I would recommend it to all.I am looking forward to reading the series and also the latest releases to come.
5 stars from us
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review 2019-06-23 18:35
Book Review for Sweet Pea by Jack Davenport
Sweet Pea (Burning Saints MC Book 4) Kindle Edition - Jack Davenport



What a fantastic story and we loved it from beginning to end.The story had amazing characters that we fell in love with right from the very beginning.
This was a story that you could say that opposites attract
not a damn thing in common other than liking kinky sex and a little bdsm thrown into the mix but, they were super hot together in and out of bed.Holy Fireworks !
OMG ! We love Callie as she was nothing like we expected but, one thing was for sure and she lived up to her name Sharkey!
Callie we found to be beautiful inside and out, also kind ,compassionate,caring smart and witty and all kinds of feisty.We found her to be a whole lot of fun.
Sweet Pea we found to be guarded,dominate,possessive,protective and a little bit broken but, he also had a sense of humor.
Overall we loved the story as it had a bit of adventure and had great characters and it was a whole lot of fun and refreshing and the story had us chuckling throughout the story the entire time.The chemistry between Sweet Pea and Callie was off the charts and made for a lot of hot and sexy scenes.We love that Callie was a little warrior as she called herself because we found her to be just that.We really enjoyed this love story and could not put it down once we started reading and it as it was a great addition to the Burning Saints MC Series and the author could not have created a better ending for this couple as it was absolute perfection!
Recommended read to all

Purchase universal kindle link :

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review 2019-06-13 00:45
An easy read, moving beyond fears to find love.
Saving Simon (Tarnished Saints Series) (Volume 5) - Elizabeth Rose

Another in the Tarnished Saints series. This was a simple and easy read. Piper was used to be controlled by her father and did not struggle day to day. I loved how she learned there were better ways to live and things to live for. Simon had his problems to overcome and was a bit selfish at times, but he also grew to figure out what was most important in life. Family was a big thing in this series, and this continued on this story, showing how family makes us stronger.

This is my unsolicited review.

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