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review 2019-02-19 13:47
A Strong 3.5 Star Book
'Tis The Season to Be Single - Laura Ziepe

This is a very strong 3.5 star book. It could have been higher if one of the story-lines (Grace's) had been a bit tighter and actually full of tension. Most of her story-line was self-inflicted and I thought her hiding what she was up to was beyond ridiculous. I really loved Amber and Rachel's storyline. I always get a kick out of romance novels set during holiday events so this one was a nice pick me up due to the winter blues that I have going right now.


"Tis the Season to Be Single" is about three women (Rachel, Grace, and Amber) going through singledom during the Christmas and New Year. 

Rachel expects her long term boyfriend Mark to finally propose. Too bad she finds out he wants to break up with her and also is seeing her best friend.


Grace is tired of her husband Simon ignoring all that she does for him (cooking, cleaning, etc.) and is starting to realize that the romance in their marriage has gone. She finally decides to tell him she wants to be separated while she thinks about what to do next. 


Amber is a commitment-phobe. After having her father leave her and her mother when she was younger, Amber would rather meet a hot guy and immediately set him free again. Things change though when Amber comes back from holiday to find out her childhood best friend Jack is now engaged. Amber is starting to realize that maybe what she feels towards Jack isn't sisterly love at all, but something more. Once all three women realize that they are now single, Amber pushes them to embrace the single life with a pact to stay single and be each other's dates for their company's annual holiday party. 


Rachel's story leads things off and starts the book off strong. I felt for her and wanted to smack her boyfriend and her so-called friend. I think that  Ziepe does a good job of showcasing how one-sided her relationship and friendship really was. And I did love the fact that Rachel wasn't a doormat just waiting to be walked on again by her so-called friend. I do wish though that Rachel had realized that being single was more than okay. We get to see her do just two dates in this one and I wanted more of her having funny dates or out there dates with men. 


Amber's story was very good too. There is a sub-plot about her father that actually kind of worked in the overall story. Amber realizing that she is in love with Jack was nice to read about. And I loved that she didn't try to do anything to wreck his relationship. I hate young adult or new adult books that show two people emotionally cheating or one of the main characters trying to do their best to wedge in between the two people who are dating. Ziepe does a good job of showing Jack's picture perfect fiancee and how initially Amber couldn't find fault with her.


Grace's story annoyed me for some reason. I think it's because she acknowledges things in their marriage got hard when they tried for a baby and failed and doesn't see that maybe that's what is going on underneath things. I also am never on the side of passive aggressive characters which is what it sounded like Grace was at times. I do wish that Ziepe had shown her family's reaction more to her being separated from Simon. That didn't ring true to me at all that she would just be moving in Rachel and not a peep from her sister or other relatives about it.


I did love that all three women worked together which allows them to be in more scenes together. Also all of them do make-up and we get to read about how Grace does extra work at weddings. I was pretty curious about what the other two women did too. Amber seems to be a I will do this job until I get bored person. 


The writing was good though I wish the book was longer. Ziepe could have added even more character development to this book by including in characters that are spoken of and never seen such as Grace's family. We get lots of Rachel and Amber's family and other important people in their lives. Grace seems to only have Rachel, Amber, and her estranged husband. Also as I said above, it would have been nice to see Rachel go on even more dates before her HEA that came. 


The flow was good and Ziepe manages to balances all of the stories. I just felt somewhat bored by Grace's after it becomes apparent where Ziepe is going with it.


The ending was very sweet and I liked that all three women got what they needed and all got a HEA. 


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text 2019-02-12 07:10
Book Buzz - Huge Deal




21 Wall Street (Book 3)
Lauren Layne
Release date: Feb 12th, 2019
Montlake Romance
Even for a top-gun banker, temptation this hot is quite a gamble, in a sexy Wall Street romp from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne.

An alpha among the wolves of Wall Street, Kennedy Dawson rose to the top of the pack by striking the right contracts at the right times. But there’s one deal that’s been giving him a run for his money—a pact to never again let his assistant, Kate, get under his skin. She may be smart, gorgeous, and sharp as a whip, but she’s definitely off-limits.


Kate Henley isn’t a banker, but she knows a thing or two about risk management—specifically, about managing her attraction to her smolderingly sexy boss. She already fell once, and Kennedy showed no sign of paying a return on her investment. So when Kennedy’s brother starts pursuing her, Kate figures she has the best of both worlds. Jack is charming, rich, very attentive, and the spitting image of his older brother.

It’s also making Kennedy think twice. But to win Kate’s heart, he’ll have to broker the deal of a lifetime…and prove he’s worth the risk.


Buy (Kindle, Print and Audio):


HUGE DEALhttps://laurenlayne.com/books/huge-deal 

HOT ASSET: https://laurenlayne.com/books/hot-asset

HARD SELL: https://laurenlayne.com/books/hard-sell




About LL: @laurenlayneauthor


Lauren Layne is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than two dozen romantic comedies. Her books have sold over a million copies, in nine languages. Lauren's work has been featured in Publishers Weekly, Glamour, The Wall Street Journal, and Inside Edition. She’s based in New York City.  






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review 2019-01-12 06:23
Muffin Top - Avery Flynn

Lucy and Frankie have already met through mutual friends.  When he rescues her - literally from a jerk who has approached her.  Can Lucy control her urges when she finds herself attracted to the hunky firefighter?


Frankie has suddenly found himself in a position to get to know the elusive Lucy.  The more her learns, the hotter the attraction between them fizzles and pops until an explosion is inevitable.  Now to convince her what he feels for her is real.


This is a great installment to The Hartigans series.  I am finding that each book gets better and better.  The family is fun to read about.  Each character has their own quirks and personality.  It was truly a joy to read each page!  I cannot wait for the next book in this incredible series.  I give this  5/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2019-01-05 21:13
A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas - Maisey Yates

I received this book for free from the publisher (Harlequin) as part of their Bookstagram Christmas mailing.


This was my first time reading Maisey Yates and I throughly enjoyed it. I obviously haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but that did not hinder my reading experience. I was able to read this as a standalone with no problems. 


I loved Grant. He was a tall, dark cowboy with a tragic past. So swoon worthy. 



Plot-wise, the storyline was pretty good. It was well paced and the romance happened at just the right speed. However, Grant being a virgin was a bit unbelievable and kind of threw me for a loop. 


I loved the wintery Christmas spirit that the book had. I could just picture Gold Valley all decorated for Christmas. Also, McKenna’s search for a family and Grant overcoming his grief fit in perfectly with the holiday theme. 


The one thing that I didn’t like was that there was too much inner dialogue that didn’t really do much of anything. It got repetitive after a while. It felt excessive and could have been cut down significantly. 


Overall, I enjoyed this Christmas themed cowboy romance!


Note: This book also contains the novella, Snowed in with the Cowboy, which I will be reviewing separately. 


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review 2018-12-30 00:03
Thought the Premise was Cute, Heroine Was A Pain Though
Yours Truly - Kirsty Greenwood

I tried to like this one, but ultimately the character of Natalie worked my nerves. The premise of her getting hypnotized to tell the truth was truly hilarious in a couple of places, but I don't think the author did enough with it. And in the end, she wasn't that great IMHO considering that she went from being a doormat to just being a jerk about things and not discussing them. I did like the ending with her choosing herself though, and we do get a nice HFN.


Natalie is slated to marry her boring, but nice fiancee. She is troubled though by him saying that she's almost perfect (talking about her weight). And it doesn't help her mother and sister chose her wedding dress (she looks like a bedazzled ice skater). And she has a job she hates with a boss who talks down to her. When she and her best friend go out to a pub to meet a hypnotist, Natalie wakes up to find that if she is asked a direct question she has to tell the truth. Trying to track down the hypnotist has Natalie traveling back and forth to Little Trooley while trying to make amends with her fiancee and family.


Natalie is kind of a beige character. I didn't feel for anyone who just lets everyone walk all over them. Natalie's reasons are that her father left her mother, so she now has to be close and do whatever she says. Same issue with her sister forcing her to dog watch, and her eating food she doesn't like and having boring 5 minute sex with her fiancee. She is just passive to her own life. When Greenwood has her telling the truth, I did crack up a few times. But it just got old after a while. Natalie apparently can't be anything but blunt and rude when telling the truth so you go from feeling sorry for her, to feeling sorry for the people she's talking to.


The other characters read as wafer thin in this one. Natalie's two love interests, interested me not at all. Especially since one of them had a girlfriend and that whole thing turned into a mess that had me not liking anyone.


The writing was okay, I wish that we had spent more time on Natalie's love of cooking. When the author went in that direction I found myself more interested. The flow was not good though. Natalie runs away from Little Trooley I think like three times. I was tired of her going back and forth there (to look for the hypnotist) and it wasn't plotted very well. 

The ending was good with Natalie setting out to do something for herself, but she gets a nice surprise and a HFN ending. 

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