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text 2020-03-05 07:28
If We Unite, Nobody Falls

“That's the most gratifying thing in the world, helping each other.” - Craig Robinson


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review 2020-03-03 21:07
Kisses and Lies - T.L. Smith



Omg ! I really don't know where to start with this one as this book was one emotional roller coaster for us!The story was exciting and intense and riveting and the characters just captivated me especially Reap/Marcus he was one seriously dark and dangerous man and a whole lot of mind -ffed.
"The story left me reeling and my heart pounding!"

No matter how messed up Marcus was that man drew you right in and saying he was a bad boy was not nearly enough but, one word sinister comes to mind and whats more women are drawn to him just ask pretty girl.

Rochelle comes from a loving family completely opposite of Marcus but, she in a sea of pain at the moment and Marcus seems to be her salvation but, is anything but, she is drawn to him and perhaps she sees something in him that others don't but, we always crave the things we cannot have.I really loved Rochelle's character she was a whole lot of fun, sexy,funny,tells it like it is kind of girl,sassy and has no filter and with the men she is currently hanging with can get you dead.We loved Marcus's pet name for Rochelle the moment he saw her all broken and lost he started calling her pretty girl which was kind of sweet .

The push and pulled and distance did nothing to the chemistry that Rochelle and Marcus had as their chemistry was explosive and hotter than hell.Marcus was whacked in my book but, when he was with Rochelle he was still a douche but, he was also something else as he could be loving and caring and compassionate and Rochelle was changing him because he was addicted to her not only sexually but, on some small emotional level just by being who she was.Marcus's possessiveness was hotter then hell and their is no doubt if someone tried coming between them there would be dire consequences.

Blaze was another interesting character as he could be sexy and playful and could turn on a dime and be deadly as sin.What a contradiction this man was.Blaze was intriguing and we are going to love getting to know more about him as you could not help but be drawn to the man who could go out of his way to help a girl he barely knows and yet , could hate someone so fiercely.

Overall this dark romance was a gripping read for us and we loved it and we love how unusual it was so much so as Marcus owned and worked a crematorium "yet", he belonged to and MC as well and his brother was the Clubs President and somehow they where partners not your typical biker and it is really unclear what roll Reap is within the club but, with a MC and its members being thrown into the story in any capacity made the story all the more interesting and Snow he caught my interest. lol

" We loved it !"
If you love Dark Romance this is the perfect book to dive right into the book left me reeling and uneasy but, it had me engrossed into the pages to the bitter end .The more I read this author the more we love her....

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text 2019-12-20 07:14
Remember...Breathe & enjoy the little things in Life

The best way to reap the benefits of gratitude is to notice new things you’re grateful for every day. Opening your eyes to more of the world around you can deeply enhance your gratitude practice.


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text 2019-12-18 06:32
Bookstore employee writes this on Facebook after “little old lady” shocks everyone at the register

You never know how your actions may affect others around you, so you might as well be kind to all.


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review 2019-11-19 20:14
A Complicated Kindness (Toews)
A Complicated Kindness - Miriam Toews

There is a chicken on the front cover of this novel, and an axe hovering threateningly in the upper corner. The relevance of these objects is explained early on - as an adolescent Mennonite girl in a closed community, our first-person narrator Nomi (a childish version of Naomi) has few options for her adulthood but to work for years in the chicken slaughterhouse that partially sustains her community. You wouldn't think there's much kindness associated with that theme, but of course there are degrees of kindness associated with the slaughter.


The novel shows teenage Nomi becoming increasingly rebellious against her hyper-restrictive religion, shaving her head, smoking weed, pursuing a sexual relationship and the like, as well as trying to deal with a seriously ill friend and the breakup of her (also rebellious) family. Her mother and sister are both gone elsewhere, separately, by the point in the narrative where we begin. All through the cruelties, mostly inflicted by the church but also by her boyfriend Travis, we see through Nomi's interested, imaginative eyes, and we're made aware of little, complicated kindnesses in her life.


But we're left with the most desolate image of all - Nomi excommunicate and alone in the house of her broken family, deserted by the last person she loves, her father, who departs the town rather than force his own shunning on her (or having it forced on them) in a final complicated act of kindness.


It is the brilliance of the observation, the quirkiness of the plot, and the honesty of the depiction of co-existing resilience, apathy and despair that we all experience to a degree as adolescents, that save this novel from being merely, as my generation would have called it, a "downer." As an insider's view of a little-known world, a foreign subculture set in the borderlands of Manitoba - with the different foreign-ness of the U.S. only a short drive away - I can very much see how this book fits well into the Canlit establishment's agenda of promoting any work that describes and celebrates Canadian diversity.


Fortunately, it's also an intriguing read with a strong female personal voice.

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