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review 2018-12-29 21:39
Review: A Ruin Of Shadows
A Ruin Of Shadows - L.D. Lewis

I have no idea how to review this, because I don't want to spoil it.  I'll do my best.  The story was original and once I stop letting myself be distracted by outside forces (e.g. children, husband) I couldn't put it down!


The author has quite a way with words.  They were so descriptive that I could picture everything clearly.  The protagonist, General Édo, was a badass who was basically blessed by a demon.  She was basically the reason the empire was powerful and feared, but the minute she called an order into question they wanted to oust her.  And what's worse, her Shadows, the soliders she brought up and trained herself were so quick to turn their backs on her.  So her options were to let them take her out, or fight back.


Of course she fought back!


I was happy with the pacing of the story and the ending.  Sometimes with short novels the ending seems rushed or unfinished.  Not the case here.  There was a clear ending that fit with the plot, nothing ridiculous or convoluted.   And even though I could definitely go for more, everything was resolved.


Hope to see more from the author soon.

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review 2018-11-24 20:03
Theories Galore: "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll
The Complete Illustrated Works Of Lewis Carroll - Lewis Carroll

(Original Review, 1994-08-10)

I’ve always interpreted “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” as a (modern) Fairytale.

In a way most of modern commercial movies are more like classical fairytales: very elemental stories set in a simplistic moral universe, with stereotypical characters. The movies may seem to be more complex but that is mostly 'effect'. Movies are very good at the dazzle part of the story telling business. Complexity of story: very much less so.



If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

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text 2018-10-18 20:07
What to read next?
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister's Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine - Lindsey Fitzharris

I got my flu shot today and I´m a bit tired tonight because of it. I have finished my Halloween bingo reads, though, so I have to line up my next reads (I don´t want to fall into the reading slump trap). I´m not too tired for that. After perusing my shelves, I went for two books:


  1. I´m in the mood for a classic and I picked a short one with Alice in Wonderland.
  2. The Butchering Art is a new addition to my TBR and the subject matter is right up my alley. I cannot wait to read it. So off it goes onto my currently reading list.


And maybe Michael Connelly´s The Black Echo will arrive in the mail tomorrow, so this might be jumping on my reading list as well. I think that´s a pretty neat line up for the weekend.








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review 2018-02-26 13:45
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories - Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland is a classic tale about a girl who enters a whole new world through a rabbit hole. She is trying to find her way home but she gets sucked into her own curiosity. On her journey she finds many friends and discovers new possibilities. 

I would use this book starting in 3rd grade. I would use it in a Wonder unit or even as a free read when there is free time in between classes.


Level: V

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text 2017-07-04 13:04
4th July 2017
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories - Lewis Carroll

Curiouser and curiouser! 


Lewis Carroll


July 4, 1862: Charles Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll) took three young sisters on a boating trip and told them a story about a girl who went down a rabbit hole. The tale became the basis for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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