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review 2020-03-03 22:54
Becoming his Mistress (Zanetti Famiglia Book 2) Kindle Edition - Hayley Faiman


Another great story in this one going series.The story was filled with romance

intrigue and betrayals and it had a great cast of characters that we absolutely loved and we have to say we loved the twists that we never saw coming.

Arlo's story was a train wreck waiting to happen right from the very beginning and the whole time you waited on pins and needles just waiting for the ball to drop all the while waiting to see how he was going to get out of the mess he created.I have to say we wanted to smack him a time or time for his stubbornness other than that we loved his character.We loved the sinful sexy man and we loved that Elenora was having him want to be a better man for her.

Elenora we loved from the onset of the story.We loved the sweet and innocent and love-able woman who loved her independence but, thought for a savvy business women she was so naive that she bordered on stupidity. "I kept shouting in my head go with your gut women!"

We loved Gavino this time around he was almost human. lol

Overall we loved the story from beginning to end and were rooting for Elenora and Arlo to have a happy ending.We loved their bumpy road wrought with the twists and turns that we never saw coming and we love when that happens.The characters were amazing and we loved Massimo and Luca even a little bit more than the others has they were team Elenora all the way even if it was only in emotional support only."I thought this was so sweet my heart melted!"

Another great edition to this on going series that we are so loving.Looking forward to the next read in this on going series.There was more that beats the eye going on in this series and we can't wait to see what happens next.We love when harder-end men fall and they fall hard especially when they live in such a dangerous world its all so bittersweet to see that they can just be themselves even for a little bit in the company of the women who were brave enough to love their dark and dangerous and secretive men with all that they have to give.

"We loved it!"


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review 2019-11-28 02:45
Book Review for FRAUD (Unfit Hero Book 3) byHayley Faiman
FRAUD (Unfit Hero Book 3) Kindle Edition - Hayley Faiman



We really are loving the characters in this series and we loved that we finally got to read about the mysterious Beaumont as he had us already intrigued from the first time meeting him and we loved him even more so this time around but, Hutton on the other hand took a little bit of warming up to not that she wasn't beautiful and kind and caring it was just that she seemed so fragile and had us wondering if she would be capable or even up to the task of loving a man such as Beau who was always in the limelight and so famous and all the baggage that comes with loving a man with said status.

I loved the fierceness and the protectiveness of Beaumont's friends they were truly his family and always had his back even the women of the men he called family.

I love a story when its about second chances because for Hutton she was only living a half a life without the man she gave her heart away to all those years ago and then you have Beau even though he broke her heart all those years ago has never forgotten her and was always in his thoughts.

This was such a sweet and endearing read and we loved that Beau stuck to his guns and made changes to his health and sobriety and they were the most important things to keeping him on track other than winning back the love of his life.

"He made us so proud as he was such a good man at heart but, got a little bit lost for a bit."

Although the story started out sad we think that Beaumont made the right choice at the time as he would have never been able to give Hutton all of himself and I think he needed to go through all that he did to become the man that Hutton deserved and the man that he to wanted to be all along.

We loved the chemistry between Hutton and Beau it was sweet and hot and all so romantic.

"This was such a beautiful story and we loved it from beginning to end!"

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review 2019-08-26 20:37
HERO (Unfit Hero #2) - Hayley Faiman



Let's start off by saying we really love this author and her works and we love anything she writes so we were so glad to get to read her latest story with Wyatt in this brand new series.After the first book we were already half in love with Wyatt's character as he was such a great guy, a great friend and lent a helping hand to his cousin Ryland to get his life back on track.

This was an emotional tale for sure.Wyatt was a little bit broken and unlucky in love but, one thing he craves is what his cousin Ryland has and that is a family and the love of a good women.Wyatt was lonely and ready to settle down now he just found the perfect women if only he can convince Exeter to be his one and only.

Exeter comes from and abusive family and was raped repeatably for years but, after years of therapy she is working through her issues but, one thing she still feels is the shame and thinks she is dirty and worthless and no one could love a women like her long term as she still feels undeserving of a good man.

Exeter and Wyatt had amazing chemistry and were hotter than heck together and both shared a past that have left them a little bit broken but, Wyatt sees something in Exeter and knows she was special and meant to be his.This was one hot read with tons of super hot and sexy scenes.The story was also fast paced as Wyatt pretty much took their relationship warp speed and Exeter was just along for the ride.

Overall we loved this cast of characters and we loved that our favorites were revising with some of our favorites.My heart went out to both characters for the pain they suffered but, for Exeter my heart just bleed but, I loved that she didn't let what happen to her ruin her life and she went on and pursued her dreams and with a whole lot of persistence and persuasion by Wyatt found the love and happiness she deserved.

We loved Wyatt and all his alpha-ness and how he pretty much steamed rolled Exeter in falling in love with him but, along the way he let go of his past and moved forward and is making his dreams of a family of his own a reality.

We loved this current installment in this on going series.

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review 2019-07-17 22:55
DISCOVERY (Esquire Black Duet #1) by Hayley Faiman
DISCOVERY (Esquire Black Duet #1) - Hayley Faiman



Can't help but love him. So want to hate him. Can hardly forget him. All perfect descriptions of the infamous, Lucas Black. Faiman made quite an impression on my senses with Discovery. What a grand introduction to a talented, yet eclectic imagination. Just when I was falling in love, an impasse was thrown in the way. With characters as unpredictable as her writing style, addiction is only a cliffhanger away.

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review 2019-06-06 06:44
Book Review for Becoming the Boss by Hayley Faiman
Becoming the Boss (Zanetti Famiglia #1) - Hayley Faiman



Omg ! Another winner for Hayley Faiman. 

Omg! loved it!

What a way to start a new series.From the very beginning of this story we were hooked.I have to say that this was one of those stories that had you on edge the entire time it was edgy and suspenseful and had your heart going out to Luci time and time again.

This story is not for the faint of heart as Gavino is a complete A- hole in my book.We found him to be possessive and protective,dangerous,brash,insensitive,all about ownership and possession,dominate in all aspects of his life and every now and then we saw he was capable of feeling something and showing kindness but not often.This is a character you love to hate but, you are hoping the love of a good women and loving one in return will make you into a semi decent human being and we kept hoping and praying. Gavvy as Luci calls him is the perfect mob boss but, makes a nightmare for a husband but, one thing is for sure he will do everything in his power to protect what is his even if it means giving his own life.

Luci- Luci was a mafia princess but,she is to soft for the mafia life not only that she hates everything about it but, there's no escaping the life she was born into.My heart went out to this women as her life was a nightmare and she lived a life that every aspect of her life was controlled day in and day out and she is now thrust into the arms of a man who has a dominate personality 24/7.It amazed me with the life she lead so far that she remained sweet, kind ,caring and loving never turning into a bitter women.I think for some they found her to be a weak character and one the cries and whines all the time but, for me I think life has just caught up to her and she has just become and emotional wreck but, we do see a bit of fieriness and disobedience every now and then.We loved her because in her own way she pushed and pushed to be seen something other than a possession. 

Overall we loved this story from cover to cover.The story was heart felt and surprising and exciting and suspenseful and so dark and dangerous and a bit surprising but, one thing for sure is that I am so grateful that I was not born into a mafia family but, Luci was strong enough to fight for what she rightfully deserved and proved that she will make one hell of a regina to a mob boss and men will envy Gavino in every way that he was able to snag and women who is beautiful inside as well as she is on the outside and will be his sunshine in his very dark world.


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