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review 2019-03-14 16:18
ARC REVIEW In Her Sights by Katie Ruggle

In Her Sights (Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters, #1)Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters #1, new series centered on a family run all female bail recovery business. The Pax girls, all five of them, run the business out of their run down Victorian home while their mother unfortunately lives with them, off of them is more appropriate. I so enjoyed this book, it's Katie Ruggles usual style, lots of action with romance and humor. Third person POV but it stays with Molly Pax, it doesn't alternate between characters like her previous books have. I liked that change, normally I am a noisy reader I like knowing everything but this added a certain feel to it that I found I quite enjoyed.

Molly Pax has always been the responsible one, she has been more mother to her younger sisters than their actual mother. Molly, Felicity, and Charlie mainly do the footwork as the bounty hunters while Norah sticks to research and backup, Cara helps out when needed but she's also a full time college student. Everything has been going smoothly until their mother gets arrested, again, only this time it's a big deal and she made bail using the house as collateral. The sleazebag who posted their mother's bail is now threatening to manipulate things so he can take away their house, unless they go after a particularly dangerous skip, Sonny. With no way out it Molly agrees splitting man power between finding their mother who has disappeared and finding Sonny. Molly teams up with John Carmondy a fellow bounty hunter to track down Sonny. What makes Sonny dangerous is his fondness to explosives as Molly and John find out multiple times.   

John and Molly have a rivalry going on at least Molly thinks so but John does it so he can spend time with her. Molly is paranoid and thinks John just wants to hire her or steal her skips, she doesn't believe her sisters when they tell her John likes her. Molly doesn't see it until she's working with him side by side. Getting to know him while working so closely together has her feeling going from confused to all in. As they get closer and closer to finding Sonny the more of a mess they seem to find themselves in and her sisters are having no luck in finding their mother.

Overall, this was a fun read another great read from Katie Ruggle. I loved the characters each sister has a unique personality that is sure to make their book just as entertaining as this one. You can't have a Ruggle book without a dog in this case the doggo is a great pyrenees named Warrant and he's a big ball of lovable fluff.  Book releases March 26, 2019 


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review 2019-03-08 14:32
ARC REVIEW You Had Me at Jaguar by Terry Spear

You Had Me at Jaguar (Heart of the Shifter #1)Heart of the Shifter #1, first book of the USF spin-off. For fans of the Heart of the Wolf series( and the other spin-offs) we do see some familiar faces but this book centers around Valerie Chambers and Howard Armstrong. I didn't get into this one as much as the previous books, it just didn't catch my attention the same way. Jaguar shifters don't mate for life, they also can sleep with each other before deciding to mate, unlike wolf shifters. I liked the set up for the series and the characters well enough even though I really didn't feel the chemistry between Val and Howard and the story didn't grab me.

Val and Howard met in training for the Enforcers where they make a practice of putting the men against the woman so the women can find ways of subduing larger prey. Val so far has been the only who could pin Howard down. Couple years later Howard started working for the newly formed United Shifter Force, a co-op where shifters of all kind work with each other. Val is still an Enforcer, the Jaguars shifters execution squad for those who have killed humans and/or shifter. Val has been working just fine on her own but for some reason her parents, who are also both Enforcers, thought she would need back up on this next mission. They asked the USF to provide some for her; Howard and one of his wolf shifter partners Jillian get called in for the job. The job was suppose to be an easy one in Val's opinion the guy turned his wife and murdered her when he couldn't handle her and with irrefutable proof he did it all Val had to do was track him down and then put him down. Val didn't want the back up but when her guy makes a trip to Belize with his new girlfriend he's thankful for all the help she can get because once they get down there things get way more complicated especially when they discover the case Val's parents are on and hers are connected.

Overall, I enjoyed the characters more than the story. Terry Spear, much like Lynsay Sands, tends to be formulaic in her writing but it's still entertaining to read, the quirky characters make each book memorable. The story felt neverending, up into the last 90% of the book they were still trying to finish the mission and then the climax felt rushed. I am curious about what side characters in this book will continue on to the next book, I kinda want to see Rowdy get his HEA.   


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review 2019-02-11 14:21
ARC REVIEW The Whole Package by Marie Harte

Veteran Movers #1, It may also be known as Vets on the Go! or Movin' On. There are two different covers and on the mass market paperback cover the series name is Movin' On, they are the same. It's new series from the talented Marie Harte about  two brothers and their cousin who started up a moving company that only hires veterans. Reid the brains, Cash the braun, and Evan the money, okay so not entirely accurate all three Marines and very muscular, Cash is just the biggest of the three. When Cash ends up on the new for stopping a robbery and saving a kids life business booms. Enter Naomi Starr, marketing and public relations extraordinaire.

Instant sparks fly between Naomi and Reid. Naomi is reluctant to get involved with a client after the debacle of her last relationship with her boss. Naomi takes some convincing not just from Reid but also her best friend. Most of the emotional conflict comes from Reid, not that he isn't 100% into the relationship with Naomi but family issues arise as well as issues with one of the new employees. Naomi deals with some stuff too, with her business just getting off the ground and dealing with her ex and then her family comes to visit.  This book, like with some of her other books, also kind of kicks starts Cash's story; the third person POV switches from Reid and Naomi to Cash and digs in deep with him.

Overall, it was a good read. There was very little external conflict most of the book was establishing the characters and their relationships with each other and dealing with their baggage and some pretty steamy scenes between Naomi and Reid.     


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review 2019-02-01 14:12
ARC REVIEW Crazy Stupid Love by Amanda Heger

Crazy Cupid Love (Let's Get Mythical, #1) Let's Get Mythical #1, I was real excited to read this. With RT Books Review calling it "Percy Jackson for Romance Fans." I was expecting a slightly more Urban Fantasy-esk/Rom-Com rather than just a Rom-Com with Mythological tendencies. It was a nice read, the first half was a slow build up of the story, establishing characters, backstories, and setting up of the conflict. It also set up the romantic connection between Eliza and Jake.

Eliza and Jake have known eachother since they were kids but as soon as they hit puberty they became aware of each other in term of boy and girl. Eliza out of fear of rejection distanced herself from Jake and Jake not knowing what else to do let it happen. They went their separate ways until now. Eliza has always been a klutz, that wouldn't be a big deal if she wasn't a Descendant of Eros, as a cupid any minor injury she inflicts on someone causes a love charm. She gave up on being a good cupid early one especially when she failed spectacularly when trying to get her cupid license. But he father just had another major heart attack and her mother has been suspended and her brother has a conference he has to go to. That leaves Eliza to pick up the slack that means getting her provisional license and that means she needs a mentor that's where Jake comes in.

Jake has always loved Eliza, his time in the Cupid Corp gave him time away from him to get his head on straight but as soon as he got back it was like he never went away. If only she hadn't accidentally hit him with an enchantment now Eliza is confused that Jake is only acting this way because of it or if he really likes her. If falling in love with your mentor isn't troubling enough Eliza's enchantments start to backfire and pretty soon it's not just her license on the line it's her parents reputation and worse case scenario all of mythical-kind.

Overall, it had a much better finish than a start. Things started to pick up at the halfway point it has a really good climatic finish and a fun epilogue. I am curious about where she's going to go with the next book, she put in lots of fun mythological creatures to pick from. 




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review 2019-01-24 09:03
A heart-wrenching read about one girl’s experience inside an institution as mental illness takes over; Sheinmel brings attention to the stigma around the issue in this important book
A Danger to Herself and Others - Alyssa B. Sheinmel

Hannah Gold has been ‘wrongly institutionalized’, for something that was obviously an accident; her best friend Agnes took a horrific fall (pushed?), ending up in the ICU, her life forever changed. But Hannah’s life is forever changed too, she has been sent away to languish in an institution, missing valuable time before school starts, being evaluated at a judge’s order by a doctor, and with nothing but time to figure out how to get herself out of there.

Hannah has been deemed ‘a danger to herself and others’.


The novel starts with Hannah just arriving at ‘the institute’ and the book follows her entire experience there, told in first-person and very much as though it’s comes from deep within Hannah’s complex, non-stop brain. All her anxieties and questions spill out constantly, her thinking is erratic, and she darts back and forth from the present and past as she tries to make sense of what is happening. She is highly intelligent so she knows that if she make friends and gets certain people on her side, maybe she can gain privileges and shorten her stay. Her roommate Lucy understands her, and it seems Dr. Lightfoot is going along with her plan.

This starts out feeling like a thriller, but we gradually are caught up in Hannah’s convoluted thought-processes, and it’s a novel about what it looks like when a young girl’s mental illness takes over and how her unraveling takes hold, even when she thinks she is in control. 


This book is one of the most artfully brilliant books written with regards to what mental illness can look like, and I really felt gripped by every page because of it. Author Alyssa Sheinmel has done more than write a YA novel, she has written an experience on paper. People fear mental illness, and right they should. It’s scary. 

I read this book and at times I felt like I was losing grasp of things just like Hannah was. And I have also been in that place myself before. Not to the same extent but I’ve been through my own personal trials that have led me to therapy, to panic attacks, to struggle with depression, anxiety, self-harm and twice (many years ago now) having a stay at the hospital (at my choice) after traumatic events. It’s frightening to feel like your mind is not your own, and to feel like you need help. In Hannah’s case, she doesn’t even realize it. And then she becomes A Danger to Herself and Others.


Mental illness has SUCH a stigma to it and it needs to change so that people will reach out to get HELP, offer help, and make help more available. People need to be able to talk about it and not turn away. Sufferers shouldn’t be getting more ill or even dying because they can’t or won’t get help. HELP shouldn’t be a dirty word. Mental health treatment is also woefully expensive in this country and often not covered by insurance.

Sheinmel is right to not even put a specific name on the illness that Hannah suffers from because at the end of the day, does it really matter? If she had done that with this story, her character, with all her flaws as well as her wonderful attributes, would have been reduced to her diagnosis. Which is what we tend to do once we know what people are suffering from. We tend to forget that they are people (like Hannah), not statistics or names of illnesses. 


This is a thought-provoking, heart-wrenching read, and it will surprise you as much as it will keep you guessing. It left me with tears in my eyes and I hope that this will encourage more understanding and compassion for those affected by mental illness. 


*I gratefully received this ARC as part of Miss Print’s ARC Adoption Program. Thank you!


 A Danger to Herself and Others will be published on 2.5.19 by Sourcebooks.




**If you or a loved one needs help for mental illness, or you just want more information about mental health, contact NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness.



Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/39986808-a-danger-to-herself-and-others
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