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text 2016-02-01 11:32
Another Great Kresley Cole Series
If You Dare - Kresley Cole

Wow! This woman, Ms. Kresley Cole, can write anything. I began reading her action packed-under and above the covers- Immortals After Dark series many years ago. I read quite a few, then put her books on hold for a while. I came back last year and have nearly completed IAD. As we Geminis love to do, we read at least five books at one time (depending upon our mood). In doing this, I thought I would try Ms. Cole's earlier works after having recently completed her new-amazing-contemporary erotica series, The Game Makers. Knowing how great she handled Contemporary in addition to Paranormal Romance, I had faith that her earlier works-The MacCarrik Brothers trilogy- would be fantastic. Well, I can honestly say that I placed my faith in good hands because this series, so far, is really wonderful. For those who like non-paranormal romance, don't mind period pieces with minimal historical details, and more detailed erotic scenes with brawny, sensual, loving, alpha-males who happen to be Kilt wearers, then this is your series. This book of three, is well written, has a good story line, is erotic but tasteful, and is an easy read! I highly recommend it. There is just a special way that Ms. Cole, and only Ms. Cole, writes sex scenes that are the most unique and erotic in general romance. I have never read anyone else that writes them like she does. It's strange because the scenes are so normal and vanilla, but they make you puddle on the floor every time. And oh yeah, did I mention there's an actual plot that takes up most of the book! I know, right?! Amazing how now we can get a two-for-one deal in today's literature. This book is indeed a "kilt lifter" not a " bodice ripper." Just to clarify ;) But not a cheesy Harlequin; one of few genres I detest vehemently. Yes, there is a clear distinction. So, check this first book out via Overdrive, it's free! You can't go wrong with that, especially if you are new to her works. Enjoy what's under the kilt, I mean cover ;)

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review 2015-09-12 03:45
Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas
Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas

I know, I know! This review is LONG due! But, like I said guys! I’ve been extremely busy. So, I finished Queen of Shadows and I know I’ve been taking my sweet time, I also haven’t been as active! I’m so sorry, guys! I just need another week before my hectic schedule sets!


Anyway: let’s begin.


To be honest, I have no idea where to start. Just reviewing this series is so hard because it’s so good! And I find the aspects really hard to talk about! So, I’ll just try my best!


Hmm, so, the beginning of Queen of Shadows was quite unexpected. I felt as if all the character relationships were quite rocky and everything seemed to be on blurry ground. It was hard to decide whether some people were friends or enemies, if they liked each other or were forced to work with one another. Especially with Chaol acting like an a-hole. Can we rant about this somewhere?! It’s driving me insane!


Anyway, I feel like the book was more of a build-up until 40% where someone special shows up! That’s where the characters start planning! Also, I started LOVING the character dynamics. Like, the bromance between Rowan-Aeidon was the effing best! And can we talk about Manon Blackbeak?! I LOVE that girl! And if we were waiting for two strong females to meet up with one another, then Aelin and Manon was probably the best moment I’ve been waiting for!


Another thing, the fantasy aspect of the world probably showed up the most in this book, because we’ll see things on how Aelin and Company would go searching and meet up with the tales and stuff and discover secrets.


Oh yes. Arobynn Hamel, go eff yourself. Please. Thank you. Very, very much. I salute you, Lyssandra! Hell yes girl!


Now; spoilers! :D


Okay, so I believe Sarah J. Maas has done what most authors shy away from. But this was done really well. Basically, Sarah J. Maas manages to make Chaol’s loyalty—one of his strongest traits—become a flaw. Yes, this is up to the point to where Chaol cannot even tell the difference between character and what he sees anymore. He’s literally rude to everyone and everything, even Nesryn Faliq, who, may I add, is one of my fave new additions! Thankfully, in the end, Chaol manages to redeem himself!


Can we talk about Dorian?! Yes, I don’t love the guy, but after Queen of Shadows the amount of suffering and loss this guy has to go through is ridiculous. Literally, just think of the worst situations that can happen in the Throne of Glass world, and it could happen to Dorian.


First, he gets rejected by the assassin girl he fell in love with, then he finds out he has ice powers and is controlled by his father, then he finds out his friend is hiding secrets from him and the girl who he actually fell in love with after a while gets killed in front of him so that he can suffer, and then (to top this all with a cherry on top) he gets possessed and controlled by a demon Valg prince who is ruthless and makes Doran suffer, also resulting that Dorian has to kill his father by the end and then suffer.


Like, at this point, I’m wondering if Aelin/Celaena has a suckier life, or Dorian. Sometimes, it gets hard.


Also, Arobynn Hamel, I hope you suffered long and well! This book has given me a new respect for Lyssandra, and I love her. Also, I ship this girl with Aeidon. Her belief that she will live again and find love again so so strong! I’m not lying, this courtesan has more self-respect and is more independent than some of other BS girls I’ve read about in other girls claiming how “different” they are! So, reading about Lyssandra was so refreshing.


Also, I loved how she killed Arobynn, making him suffer and choke on his own blood.


I LOVE Rowan. I LOVE Aelin. I just don’t know if I love them together. I know, I know! But, I can’t decide! I mean, obviously they’re amazing. Maybe I need to see more chemistry in between them? It’s weird, because in Crown of Midnight, I was rooting Celaena-Chaol so hard! But why am I hesitating with Aelin/Celaena-Rowan?! Not sure.


Also, I have some new ships:



Aeidon-Lyssandra (I WILL ALSO . . . GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP)


All my ships go down, anyway. Why do I even try? Do you guys know how AMAZING Rowan-Manon would’ve been?!


Also, the plot twists. There was a plot twist for the plot twist! :D I like that!

(spoiler show)


Anyway, this is my LONG review. As you obviously know, FIVE stars! ALL THE STARS! I don’t know why I read Queen of Shadows because now I have to sit on my butt for another year! But, oh well! :D I just can’t! :D


Thanks for reading my review guys, and hope you have a great day! Until the next one! :D

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review 2014-08-14 05:03
Obsessed - T R Ragan

Series: A Lizzy Gardner Novel
By: T.R. Ragan
ISBN: 9781477824153
Publisher: Amazon Publishing/Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: 08/12/14
Format: Other Format
My Rating: 4 Stars 


A special thank you to Amazon Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


OBSESSED, #4 in the Lizzy Gardner series, TR Ragan brings an intense mystery into the dark side with strong female characters, for a page-turner suspense thriller.

Madeline Blair, a radio psychologist tells her listeners she is being stalked in order to boost ratings.


Seth is the devoted fan who decides he will be her protector until he discovers she is deceiving her listeners to improve ratings, then the real nightmare begins, as he now wants to teach her a lesson. He becomes totally obsessed (and he is one sick guy-damaged and dark).


When her friends mysteriously begin to vanish and the evidence points to Madeline, she turns to private investigator Lizzy Gardner for help. Lizzy knows her way around a murderer’s mind, after surviving her own horrifying ordeal at the hands of a serial killer years ago.


There is another story going on with character, Hayley as she continues her search to find Brian, who raped her as a teen and killed her mother. (She is obsessed as well, but for the good guys, not the bad, like Seth). She is quite the spit-fire, and a flawed character, with a dark side (who wouldn’t), due to her past; however, she has a softer side as well. Lizzy hires Hayley’s friend Kitally, (liked her character) who proves to be razor sharp, and resourceful for an unstoppable team!


Loved the gal power, with brains and strength, as these women are kick-ass and can handle any obstacle! With obsessions being the underlying theme, readers see how their minds work and what drives them. I cannot wait to read the other prior books in the series and the next one in the series, to catch up with all the characters. OBSESSED can be read as a standalone, however, after reading you will be hooked.


My first book by TR Ragan and wow, she will knock your socks off! Fans of Karin Slaughter, will love these strong and powerful female characters for a tantalizing crime thriller!


Looking forward to next installments in the Lizzy Gardner series, Almost Dead and Evil Never Lies (2015).

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/990487695
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review 2014-01-26 17:30
Winter's Bone-Daniel Woodrell
Winter's Bone - Daniel Woodrell

What a wonderfully dark, but beautiful book...

It's hard to describe a book like this and get it right, it's so deeply lyrical with solitary beauty. Nature, red tooth and nail comes to mind, but also the inhuman nature of man. Ree is such a strong well drawn character with the world upon her shoulder. We start out knowing Ree is the caretaker for both of her younger brothers and her mentally adrift mother, Ree is only sixteen herself. Her father, who has been known to be off for days/weeks a time, is now missing and has skipped bail. If he doesn't show up for his next shortly upcoming court date the house will be repossessed, leaving Ree, her two brothers, and her mother to "live in the field like dogs". She then begins her labyrinth through the winter wilderness of her long-stretching, cult-like, meth addicted family called the Dollys to search for her father.

There is good bit of action in this book, but I found myself looking towards the quiet scenes with breathtaking admiration. Daniel Woodrell can write.

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