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review 2019-11-16 00:06
Book Review for Primal Need by Piper Davenport
Primal Need (Primal Howlers MC Book 2) Kindle Edition - Piper Davenport

First off let us start off my saying that we love the cover and we really loved this current story.

This story was fun and intriguing and had a cast of amazing characters that we could not help but love them all.Once we started reading we were engrossed in the story to the very end and we could not put it down.

Wyatt we loved her from the onset of the story with her quick whit and vibrant personality which was a tell it like it is kind of girl and she was also a sexy and strong character even though she likes to play things safe but, that all changed the minute an arrogant biker decided to woo her.

Sundance Hum....that man was a whole lot of alpha and crude,arrogant and bit of and a-hole but, we have to say falling for a strong independent women had him toning things down and bit and we could help but love the sexy beast of the man ourselves.

The chemistry between these two was totally hot and sexy and the sex scenes definitely fan worthy."Smokin Hot"

I loved the plot and Wyatt and the way she cared for and love her brother aka Teddy Bear who had disabilities and we love how he captured hearts where ever he went.

Overall a really loved this story as it made us laugh out loud the entire story and had a bit of suspense and betrayals and lets not forget it had a awesome cast of characters and that love was found in the most usual of places and it was a love story that was paved with a lot of bumps in the road and a whole lot of groveling .... lol

We have so say that this story had one of my favorite endings.This story was also one that you were still thinking about days later and when it is still on your mind days later that for me just makes this one fantastic read for us !

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review 2019-05-05 11:42
Book Review for Donna Grant's IGNITE in her Dark Kings Series.
Ignite (Dark Kings #15) - Donna Grant


Let's start off by saying we really loved this story and we are really enjoying this ongoing series with these amazing characters that we could not help but, fall in love with and that we just love Donna Grant and her amazing books !

We love Claire and Vlad aka V's story from beginning to end.We found the story to be hilarious also that it had fun characters who had a sense of humor, was intriguing, and was suspenseful and had a story that had tons of twists and turns and a lot of the unknown.This plot is ongoing and every time you started figuring things out there was yet another surprise.The story was filled with a ton of betrayal as well as not knowing who to trust .There are a lot of players who normally are enemies are now aligning themselves with one another to take out one common enemy.

I found Claire to be funny and beautiful inside and out,a keeper of secrets and she had a great sense of humor,was daring and a hopeless romantic trying to find the one in all the wrong places.Perhaps she was a bit lonely and frustrated but , she starting blogging to vent those frustrations and well let's just say her posts were more than entertaining.

Vlad- aka V Let's just say we loved him from the onset of the story.He was sexy and sweet and kind funny and had a sense of humor, a bit lonely and lost and had the wait of the world on his shoulders.A Dark King who felt he didn't fit in this new world he is now living in but, that all changed when he caught a glimpse of a sexy blond who he couldn't seem to stay away from.We loved how Claire reminded Vlad who he was and what he stood for and just how very dangerous and powerful he really is and that is was more then capable of standing against their enemy who threatened the life they have created along with their mates as well as their families.

We loved that V and Clarie's courtship was full of fun and laughter and that they had this amazing chemistry and not only were the were lovers they were friends first and foremost .We loved that Claire eased his loneliness and vice versa.

I know this story had a lot of mixed reviews but, for us we were one of those who just loved this sweet and emotional romance tale with those sexy dragon shifters that we just adored but, most of all we loved those character's who made the story intriguing and fun and more than once had us laughing out laughed and that they made us tear up a time of two.

Looking forward to what is going to happen next as the story left us wanting and with a whole lot of unanswered questions and we can't wait to get them!


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review 2018-10-30 15:48
Gods and Monsters: Mythbreaker
Mythbreaker (Gods and Monsters Book 2) - Stephen Blackmoore

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Fitz has stolen money from his drug dealing boss. Fitz is also what is called a 'Chronicler', someone with the gift of hearing the voices of gods, something he's always put down to hallucinations. He learns that he the only Chronicler left and as such a hot commodity within the 'god' community. He's on the run being aided by the god of the internet in an effort to stop the ultimate bad guy gaining control of him and therefore humanity.

Urban fantasy that was a lot of fun, lots of black humour and the mythology interwoven into the plot was done well, keeping me engaged in the story in moments when the action was lighter.

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review 2016-11-14 08:07
getting better!
The Body (The Spirit Trilogy) (Volume 2) - D. Nichole King
Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.
oh! just oh!! I LOVED THIS!!!
Yes, you read that right, ME, I LOVED THIS, ME, who is NOT a YA fan, who avoids them like the plague unless asked to review, I LOVED THIS!!
Following on from The Spirit, and you really should read that first, it picks up more or less where that left off. Lucas and Carrie are fairly happy with how things are, her friends are coming to stay and Mike is, well, Mike! When Stacy and Jess come to stay, (and I do believe I said that Jess would have something to say) we find out the Jess is also a witch,and just the type of witch that Lucas needs to find his soul. An old friend turns up, and more of Lucas' history is revealed, who he was, how he died. Things are also revealed as to how Lucas can find his soul, but he needs a ceertain half demon, and said half demon refuses to play nice. A return to the Moore house is in order.
Its still fairly clean (although not for Carrie's want of trying!), but carries a little more violence than the first book. But dealing with half-demons, vampires and the like tends to get messy! It grabs you, holds you, snares you from start to finish! It snips at you, spits things at you, that you did not see coming, and is all in all, a sterling example of YA at its very best! I could quite happily have read this in one sitting, but the pesky dayjob got in the way and I had to spread it over two days.
BUT its still only written from Carrie's point of view, in the first person, and I cant give it 5 fangs, really I cant, for that reason and that reason alone. I am assuming, since to live you need three parts, a spirit, a body and a soul, that the third book in this trilogy will be called The Soul, and just when will we get it, I wonder, because I soooooooooooooooooo need to read it and find out what happens next!!
so, 4 fangs


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review 2016-11-14 08:03
young adult, but rather good.
The Spirit (The Spirit Trilogy) (Volume 1) - d. Nichole King
Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.
First up, let it be known I am NOT a Young Adult fan. But i was asked to read and review this book, so here it is.
Carrie runs to her grandma's for the summer after her parents divorce. She meets Lucas. But Lucas has a secret, a secret that could shatter Carrie's already fragile heart. And there is something about the town that has Carrie on edge.
Ghosts, demons, witches, necromancers, and all manner of paranormal creatures are in this book, but the main stay is ghosts. And an axe murder in the town, which leads to a hanuted house.
I enjoyed this tale, I did, but, as I said I'm not a young adult fan, and here's where I'm at a dilemma! I ENJOYED IT! yes, its clean, yes, it has minimal violence, just some nasty demon flexing his fingers and messing with the weather. and YES, Carrie is only 17. all things that would normally put me off a book, but here?? I did, I enjoyed it. Maybe not as much had it included all of the above, but for a fast paced, paranormal adventure, that leaves you asking all sorts of questions about the afterlife and demons and such, a good tale.
Told entirely from Carrie's POV (and ya'll know what I'm gonna say next!) I would like to have heard from Lucas, we do get a TINY bit, but only in Carrie's dreams. I think, maybe, he needed to have his say, especially when thinking about what to do about Carrie. Carrie's friend, Jessie, has something to say too, and I wonder if she'll play a part in the next book, The Body, which is due out soon, and I am reading next.
SINCE it talks about death, divorce and axe murders, I'd rate it at the older end of YA, 16+.
3 solid fangs, but if we'd heard from Lucas, maybe it would have got 4


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