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review 2017-10-22 15:43
Mistletoe Kisses by Christa Maurice, Nancy Stopper, Natalia Banks, Maria Luís, Reese Patton, Kimberly Readnour, July Dawson, Susan Saxx, Ev Bishop
Mistletoe Kisses - Christa Maurice,Nancy Stopper,Natalia Banks,Reese Patton,Maria Luis,Kimberly Readnour,July Dawson,Susan Saxx,Ev Bishop


Mistletoe Kisses blends sentiment and wisdom to create an inspiring and unforgettably addictive masterpiece. Nine authors, Nine great stories that span the range between sweet, heat and holiday treat.  A bundle of flavorful, colorful and wonderful tales.


One Last Gift by Nancy Stopper - Happiness and forgiveness go hand in hand.  Jack and Casey were on the verge of ever after.  Until heartache came calling.  Can some holiday magic and the hands of time allow fate to lead them back to each other?  One Last Gift showcases the wonderment of first love, second chances and the healing power of love.

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review 2017-10-14 06:43
good read, great characters
Stolen Kisses: A Blushing Bay Novel - Annie Rains

Noah and Kristy had been best friends since they were children. Noah had been Kate’s protector, and confident , they could tell each other anything and he was just a good guy. But one thing Kristy didn’t tell Noah is she wanted him and she thought he may be the one. Noah was the captain of a boat for his family’s seafood business. Kristy was a pediatric nurse and worked in a hospital.  Kristy wants to settle down and have a family and Noah won’t commit to any woman. Kristy watched Noah date a bunch of women. The only commitment Noah had with a woman was his to Kruisty and their friendship. Kristy is at a crossroads in her life she had always dreamed of being head nurse and she may have a chance at a such a promotion at work. Kristy had been in the hospital as a child and could relate to her patients and their parents. Noah feels his family never expected much from him and always expected him to fail. Noah had issues that nhe wasn’t good enough for kristy and wouldn’t be a good dad or husband. Noah and Kristy always spend Wednesday night together  as it was wednesday wing night and they always had a good time but then one Wednesday Noah brings a date with him. It was very awkward and kristy cuts the night short and  leaves. Kristy then decides to start dating and finds a doctor to date. Noah is jealous that Kristy is dating.  One night after some drinks Kristy kisses Noah after he escorted her home. Noah realizes he has a big attraction for Kristy and that is why he never committed to another woman before. After the kiss Kristy and Noah decide to take their relationship to the next level.

I liked the book a lot. I liked the plot as well as the pace. This was an easy quick read. It was a  little confusing at times but got through that not enough to stop reading this story. For the most part I liked how the author showed both POVs  on different things as Kristy and Noah grew up. I did thing Noah said he wanted no commitment with a female to often. I loved how Kristy was with her patients at work. I loved the twists and turns of this book as well as the characters and I recommend.

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review 2017-09-26 12:00
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: A Bundle of 14 Wholesome Holiday Romances - Mona Risk,Josie Riviera,Beate Boeker,Christine Bush,Lyn Cote,Denise Devine,Raine English,Jean C. Gordon,Shanna Hatfield,Milou Koenings,Roxanne Rustand,Magdalena Scott,Kristin Wallace,Merrillee Whren

he Gift of Yesterday by Milou Koenings part of Sweet Chistmas Kisses 4
Book starts out with Bailey and she moving forward with her life and career after all the living relatives have passed away and left her much in the way of inheritance.
She moves back to Green Pines where she grew up with Joe 15 years earlier. Each chapter alternates with Bailey and Joe as life goes on in the town.
An old fashioned fair during the fall months excites her so she can get the word out she's open for business. She also meets others in town that help her and she's able to solicit her pastries to the local diner who wants to sell them.
She recalls the Larsons who are in the ministry and she hopes to get together with them and maybe Annie who's in Africa (from a previous book). The woman who answers the door gives her information about the Larsons and sets it back...
Love how strong and so sure of herself as she sets out to prove she can do the shop and make a go of it. Carnival time in town and so much activity going on, can't even imagine the smells from the place!
She fits in as her food is used to help many who need the goods. Friends are trying to set Joe up with females and they aren't having any luck...such fond memories of when they grew up and the things they did-very similar to our childhood.
Some twists and turns along the way. Easy going holiday read, light romance, loved it!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with reviews from her other works.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.

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review 2017-09-16 21:39
400 First Kisses
400 First Kisses (Book 1 of the "First" series) - E.L. Todd

Title: 400 First Kisses

Author:  E. L. Todd

Publisher:  E.L.T.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"400 First Kisses" by E. L. Todd


My Thoughts....


This new series by this author featuring Bree, Cypress, Amalie, Ace and Blade that will definitely keep your attention with there being so much going on in this romantic emotional dramatic story.  You will have to keep up because the reader can get lost in the story as it unfolds. This was quite a shock for Bree when she finds out that she is married to this guy Cypress who had cheated on her.  Now, you will have to pick up this well written story to see who this all happened. I found this story very well thought out with some well developed amazing characters that will keep you turning the pages to see what was coming next.  Yes, you will see how Bree was cheated on by Cypress and what all he tried to do to make up for all his wrong. I could definitely understand Bree thought pattern as she was trying to deal with all of this situation that she found herself in.  Then next part of the read moves on to the story of Amelia and Ace.  Hopefully, there will be a story coming from all of that situation in the next reads.  Yes, this one will end in a cliffhanger and we will have to get the next part "325 First Fights" to see more of how this story will turn out for each of these interesting characters.


Thank you to the author for the read.






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review 2017-09-01 01:59
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Heather Heyford

Red longed for permanence of four walls surrounding her. A refuge where she could curl up at the end of the day and feel safe and protected from the outside world. If it wasn’t for relationship problems would have no practice she was a psychologist. Red was having breakfast with Sam who was charming almost to the point of arrogance. If you had known Sam when he was younger he was the scruffy kidgorgeous in the classic sense.  who came to school with uncombed hair, wearing clothes that looked slept in. He was never gorgeous in the classic sense and Sam had more issues than Vogue magazine. But lately Red;s heart beat rapidly every time she seen Sam. Lately Red stumbled over her words to Sam. It was Red’s fault she had pursued Sam starting the night of Sam’s homecoming celebration. For over a year Sam and Red casually hooked up but lately Red’s feelings had changed and weren’t casual when it came to Sam anymore. Red was always looking for her perfect home and saved her money for it. It had something to do with growing up in trailer parks and free school lunches and thrift store clothes. After breakfast Sam suggested they take a little ride on his harley and Red knew what that meant,. Sam didn’t do movies or romantic dinners for two or any of the other things official couples did. The real Sam was the most loving, giving man. All Sam’s problems originated when he was a kid at home and his psychodad. The face Sam put on for the outside world was a competent business man with an endless supply of jokes. But Red had gotten a glimpse behind the facade: the rages come and gone quickly, using work as an avoidance tactic and not wanting to let anyone close. But Red had to have a change in the way She and Sam were.

I had mixed feeling on these one. I liked the plot and pace a lot and it wasn;t a hard book to read. But something just didn’t click for me. How did Red  not figure out Sam’s childhood wasn’t great - the way he came to school should have told her some things about Sam and he would grow up with problems even another kid would notice something wasn’t right at home for Sam if they thought about it. I just don’t believe many women would accept wham bam thank you mam { Sam had said it had taken all of five minutes} and that sounds like Sam and Red when they went off on his harley. Until Red demanded more from Sam and to be a couple. I did like Sam and Red together. But I think Red shouldn’t push Sam so hard she acts more like a therapist to Sam then a girlfriend other than the sex. I liked the relationship Sam had with Manalo. I think Red needs a therapist herself. So this wasn’t really for ,e but I am sure someone else will like it.

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