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review 2017-05-12 20:58
Book Review for Arranged A Master and Mercenaries Novella by Lexi Blake

A Master and Mercenaries Novella
by Lexi Blake
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Evil Eye Concepts
Source: ARC
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Kash Kamdar is the king of a peaceful but powerful island nation. As Loa Mali’s sovereign, he is always in control, the final authority. Until his mother uses an ancient law to force her son into marriage. His prospective queen is a buttoned-up intellectual, nothing like Kash’s usual party girl. Still, from the moment of their forced engagement, he can’t stop thinking about her. 

Dayita Samar comes from one of Loa Mali’s most respected families. The Oxford-educated scientist has dedicated her life to her country’s future. But under her staid and calm exterior, Day hides a few sexy secrets of her own. She is willing to marry her king, but also agrees that they can circumvent the law. Just because they’re married doesn’t mean they have to change their lives. It certainly doesn’t mean they have to fall in love. 

After one wild weekend in Dallas, Kash discovers his bride-to-be is more than she seems. Engulfed in a changing world, Kash finds exciting new possibilities for himself. Could Day help him find respite from the crushing responsibility he’s carried all his life? This fairy tale could have a happy ending, if only they can escape Kash’s past…

We loved this story cover to cover.What a great cast of of characters that were really funny and enjoyable to read about.I cannot tell you how many times I laughed throughout this story something we needed lately.

I loved the plot and its characters.Day she was my favorite in the bunch.I found her to be intelligent,kind,passionate,beautiful inside and out and one who owned her sexuality. Day surprised me the most as she was not the kind of girl that Kash normally went for yet still attracted to.This was a intelligent women who decided to act on her sexual desire and become a Dominatrix making her even a stronger women in her life and work.I loved seeing a strong female character in a story and Day was the perfect match for Kash the worlds most irresponsible playboy who happens to be a king. Kash will never rule his wife in or out of the bedroom the perfect women to make him change and be the man she new he to be all along.I loved that Day got a second chance at love with Kash but, is he willing to except the women she is now without feeling weak?Is she willing to give up what she needs and wants to be able to be with him?I was rooting for Day to stick by her guns and stay true to herself.I just loved everything about her she was just to sweet not to love.

Kash a king with a playboy reputation .I found him to be intelligent and to have a sense of humor but, most of the time I thought he was an a**.I thought about kicking this kings but more than once throughout this story.How could he admire Day for being intelligent kind and a strong women and in his next breath despising her for those qualities.He could not except that she had a past and how she lived her life and yet he had no problem being a king with his sexual interludes splashing the Internet far and wide. Hypocrite much?

A story filled with passion and deceit ,danger,love and regret and second chances.We loved it.I love when you are able to connect with the characters that you read about.And I was able to do that with these characters.I love when you read about two alpha's characters and wait and see if their willing to meet in middle and compromise .

Kash's upbringing is responsible for a lot of his current thinking concerning women but in the same breath he doesn't want see a women be suppressed.I understood his inter struggles as he was a king and didn't want to be seem as weak. But, submitting to his wife in the bedroom was not going to make him weak yet he couldn't and was not willing to give up control in all things.

A great love story that had you rooting for a couple of strong characters who were perfect for one another and had a lot in common yet so far apart.I enjoyed being on this journey of this couples self sexual discovery and learning to see if love truly conquers all.I will definitely be looking to read the rest of the books in this series as we can't wait to read about the other characters we met in this current story.

A recommend story to all. 

5 stars from us


NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn't until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem. 

Her first novel, Their Virgin Captive: Masters of Ménage, Book 1, was a collaboration with New York Times bestselling author Shayla Black. There are six more books available in the series: Their Virgin's Secret, Their Virgin Concubine, Their Virgin Princess, Their Virgin Hostage, Their Virgin Secretary, and Their Virgin Mistress.

In addition to the Masters of Ménage series, she is the author of the Masters and Mercenaries series. The first nine novels, The Dom Who Loved Me, The Men with the Golden Cuffs, A Dom is Forever, On Her Master's Secret Service, Love and Let Die, Dungeon Royale, A View to a Thrill, You Only Love Twice, and Master No are available now, along with the novellas Sanctum, Unconditional, Dungeon Games, Cherished, Luscious, Adored, and Just One Taste. The tenth novel, From Sanctum with Love, is coming February 23, 2016, along with a new novella, Devoted, on April 12, 2016.

In 2013, Lexi also began releasing her urban fantasy series, Thieves. The full series, Steal the Light, Steal the Day, Steal the Moon, Steal the Sun, and Steal the Night, are available now on Amazon. The first two books in a spin-off of the series, Ripper and Addict, were released in 2015. Look for Sleeper, the next book in the spin-off series, to be released in Fall of 2016.

Lexi again collaborated with Shayla Black in a new series The Perfect Gentlemen. The first book, Scandal Never Sleeps, is now available. Book two, Seduction in Session, will release on January 5, 2016, followed by book three, Big Easy Temptation, on May 3, 2016.

Sign up for Lexi's FREE newsletter at http://lexiblake.net.

For more information about her books, her appearances and her wacky life visit her Facebook page (http://goo.gl/q2IHnJ) or her website (http://www.lexiblake.net).

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review 2017-04-16 22:42
Arranged (Masters & Mercenaries) by Lexi Blake
Arranged - Lexi Blake



ARC Review: Arranged (Masters & Mercenaries) by Lexi Blake

To find happiness, a duo of outcasts must face tragedy, fear and their own personal truths. Kash was never meant to be King but when tragedy strikes and his life is upended, he must leave his heart behind to face his responsibilities. Fast forward nine years and the heartbroken boy has become his own worst enemy. Can a forced wedding help him change his playboy ways and return him to his heart's desire? Arranged weaves it's web of seduction while delivering heartbreaking truths and providing a second chance for star-crossed lovers. Every fantastical scenario wrapped up in a temptingly small novel that stirs the blood and touches the heart.

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review 2017-01-04 00:00
For His Eyes Only
For His Eyes Only - Lexi Blake For His Eyes Only - Lexi Blake description
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review 2016-12-30 02:57
Satisfaction (Lawless #2) by Lexi Blake
Satisfaction (A Lawless Novel) - Lexi Blake



Brandon Lawless is a man on a mission: obtain the information that will clear his father’s name. He’s willing to do whatever it takes—even seduce his enemy’s personal assistant, the beautiful and innocent Carly Hendricks.


But with her beguiling smile and captivating intelligence, Brandon soon realizes he doesn’t want to deceive Carly, he wants to win her over—both in the boardroom and the bedroom.
Then a twisted crime leaves Carly vulnerable and Brandon finds himself reeling. The stakes of his mission are now life or death—Carly’s life. And Brandon realizes he’s lost his heart to an amazing woman and his plan must succeed, because the stakes are no longer just revenge, but a once in a lifetime love.




Satisfaction is written well but I think most of all I didn't particularly care for the wholesome innocent virginal angel paired with the overly sensitive intimately devoid man whore with no thought to himself other than the single thing that drives him. Sex and revenge. Neither his past trauma nor his need to prove his prowess in bed was worth the emotional investment on Carly's part. 

I hated Brandon - he got on my nerves, and I hated that Carly decided that he would be her project to fix.

Satisfaction just wasn't "it" for me. Not a win.



Lexi Blake




This title will be available January 3rd 2016




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review 2016-12-02 00:00
Perfectly Paired
Perfectly Paired - Lexi Blake description

Ahh, where to begin? Yet another AMAZING read from an author that just CANNOT do wrong in my eyes. Even when I don't absolutely love the way one of her stories plays out, I still know I am going to get fabulous writing. Intricate plot. Amazing well-developed characters and a whole TON of FEELS.

I simply ADORED this one. I think it is actually my favorite of the TOPPED series so far. I've been intrigued by Sebastian from the moment we were introduced to him in previous books. Top’s grumpy and wounded sommelier. I wanted to know what made that man tick. And boy do we get to see all that and more in this one.


Half the time I wanted to reach into the book and give him a hug. The other half I wanted to reach in and punch him in the face. That's the brilliance of Miz Blake's writing. She takes these seemingly cold assholes and peels back layer after layer until we are left with a Dom that is strong, but vulnerable to their women. It's a heady combination for sure.

On the flip side, Tiffany was one of my favorite heroines to date. She wanted Sebastian and she had a plan. Usually, I am not overly keen on my heroine doing the chasing, but in this book that is what needed to happen. Sebastian needed to be chased. He needed someone in his corner. He needed to see that even though he was missing both his legs, he was still a complete person. I love how Tiffany never gave up. The girl had the patience of a saint. I would have told him to stick his corkscrew up his ass after some of the stunts he pulled. She never gave up though and their HEA was as sweet as Moscato wine.

Of course, we also get to catch up with a few of the gang from previous TOP books as well as the Masters & Mercenaries series which is always a treat. Anytime I get some IAN is a good time for this lady. Not much more to say. I LOVED this one, so two thumbs up from yours truly.


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