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review 2019-05-30 05:51
Book Review for Cry Mercy by Rie Warren
Cry Mercy (Blood Legion MC #1) - Rie Warren



Let's start off by saying this is a first time author for us an we really enjoyed our first read by them.The story was pretty much action packed from beginning to end.

The story had a great cast of MC character's that were loving,kind,protective,loved ribbing and teasing each other but, no doubt we saw the love they had between them as it was all there for those to see.These men were down right dangerous too "so", the perfect mix.

We loved Angel the man went from nailing everything he could to pretty much love at first sight but, he set his sights on one women riddled with a ton of complications.We loved how protective,kind,loving and caring he was toward Mercy from the moment he met her.

Mercy was a women who lived a life of slavery and pain and brutality and yet remained a women who was caring and loving and one who had a sense of humor and one who would give her life just to protective the ones she loved a cared about.Mercy was special because not only did she have Angel wrapped around her little finger she had a entire MC club that came to love her in no time at all.

"Our relationship had been built on danger, survival,death, and . . . limitless hope."

Overall the story had action and suspense from onset to the very end but, it was also one filled with emotion.I enjoyed the story and we are looking forward to the next in this series.

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review 2019-05-30 04:53
Book Review for The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart
The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology - Jax Hart



Let's say's this was one hot read from beginning to end!I have to say that this is a fairly new author to us and we are totally loving everything that they have written so far as they have created so many wonderful characters for us to fall in love with.
Selina and Rafe could be anything but compatible but, their sizzle and chemistry make them work.
We loved the Sassy Selina who was full of fire and determination and she was one strong and independent women who would never be tamed in or out of bed and a women who owns her sexual desires even if she may not want to be known as a dirty girl.
Rafe was bold ,determined,aggressive,a bad boy who was sexy as sin, a bit of a player aka playboy,possessive,protective,a dominate in and out of the bedroom but, also could be sweet and kind and caring when he wanted to be.
Rafe and Selina had some super hot chemistry and were super hot in and out of the sheets.Rafe who is a dom who wants a submissive and Selina may play the submissive part occasionally for him but, she will never make a perfect submissive and will never let a man totally dominate her so let's just saying it made for some interesting goings on in the bedroom and out of it.
Overall we love the chase and that Selena made the playboy work hard to snag her but, it was also a fun courtship if it could even be called that that made us laugh out loud a time or two and we really loved that.The story was fun and had a bit of suspense and a twist that we did not see coming and we loved that Rogue was part of this adventure and for the part he played in it he gave Rafe what he wanted to possessive all along so let's see if he is able to convince and keep it.
A engrossing tale that we loved from cover to cover and we could not put the book down until the very end.Goes into the keeper pile to be read over and over again.
Recommended read to all !
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review 2019-05-30 04:23
Book Review A Debt Owed by Clarissa Wild
A Debt Owed (The Debt Duet #1) - Clarissa Wild


Let's start off by saying this was one suspenseful read full of tons of chemistry.
We have to say we really enjoyed the characters both good and bad. Omg ! I hate cliffhangers!Note this book ends on a whooping one !
This was one of those stories that kept you on edge the entire time because you never new what was going to happen next.Charlotte was a captive and married to a monster because she was given to that monster to pay her father's debt. Charlotte want's to free of him and free from her family and will do anything to make that happen as she has never known freedom even when she was within her family as they always held the reins.What happens when you attracted to your captor and don't want to be? "Can you say chemistry off the charts.".....
Charlotte we found her to be determined,brave,clever and willing to best her captor at his own games.
Easton - We found to be a complicated character because for one minute you think the man has a heart the next minute he has you questioning your own sanity why you ever thought he had a heart in the first place.We found him to be clever ,played tons of mind games,sexy in that cocky bad boy way and was deadly as sin and is all about ownership.


Overall the story kept you engrossed in the pages and turning them the entire time .The story was dark and edgy and was filled with a ton of chemistry but, due to those circumstances it felt all wrong yet, was super hot and electrifying."Let's just say we loved that the player got played!"


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review 2019-05-19 20:46
Book Review for Mythic by Ambere Sabo A Silent Sons MC Series
Mythic (Silent Sons MC #5) - Ambere Sabo


Mythic and Snoopy
Wow ! I loved this current tale from cover to cover !This tale was action packed from beginning to end not only that it was a heart wrenching tale as well as one that definitely tugged on ones emotions.
Mythic character was one that was brave and strong and intelligent, one who was a survivor and one willing to give her life for another just because it was the right thing to do.
Snoopy has been a loner and the clubs hacker and security expert but, one look at Mythic and spending time with her he immediately new she was the one for him .
This tale was wrought with so much suspense a whole lot of betrayals,assassins,murder,family complications and a drug cartel family riddled with nothing but, complications.Did I say secrets ? Well there was a ton of them along with a ton of surprises.It was a engrossing and a gripping tale that kept us turning the pages the entire time.
I loved that fact that the MC family rallied with the enemy to take out a bigger enemy to help a women who they had all come to love.Mythic was a women worth saving and one that was special and one with a very huge earth shattering secret.Did I say the story was riddled with Villian's too ?
We loved the story as well as its character's they were all amazing even the sadistic ones.The story was also about making amens and making changes and also about forgiveness.I have to say the ending was explosive and surprising and one that had you wanting to dive right into the next book in the series just to see what will happen next.This is definitely one of my top favorite reads in this series its running neck and neck with Cessy.
Recommended read to all !
I also recommend the series it's really good and so enjoyable.


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review 2013-12-11 13:12
Early Review: Sempre by J. M. Darhower
Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower

Disclaimer: I read and loved this book when it was a fan fiction called Emancipation Proclamation. It was so very different from canon and the author highlighted the very real social issues of human trafficking, slavery, and organized crime.


Sempre is a very long story. In fact, you could probably call it a family saga. It’s a little bit The Godfather mixed in with a lot of teenage angst. Sempre is the story of two teenagers raised in very different circumstances: A mafia prince named Carmine DeMarco and his love interest Haven Antonelli.


Haven was raised as a slave living with a mafia family on a remote ranch in California. Until she is “rescued” by Dr. Vincent DeMarco, Haven endures all sorts of abuse by her “owners.” She is worked to the bone, malnourished, scarred, and has even witnessed the repeated rape of her mother and the murder of another child.


When Haven is brought to the DeMarco home in North Carolina, she is understandably skittish. It’s kind of odd, how she arrives, as if she is to be their servant. Dr. DeMarco is very cryptic about why Haven has come to live with the family, never telling his boys anything about her. Slowly, Haven adjusts to life with the DeMarcos, cooking and cleaning for the family. She soon attracts the attention of youngest son Carmine, even though she is more skittish around him.


Carmine is an interesting character. Essentially, he is a loose cannon, full of anger and rage. Carmine takes teenage angst and brings it to a whole new level. He’s loud, brash, and impulsive. Carmine believes in punching first, asking questions later. Carmine wallows in self-destruction and his is constantly at odds with his father. In contrast, Carmine’s older adopted brother Dominic is his total opposite. Dominic is calm and easy going.


Dr. DeMarco’s character is very compartmentalized. In North Carolina, Dr. DeMarco is a devoted father, doctor, and respected member of society. When he goes to Chicago on business, Dr. DeMarco becomes a totally different person. He holds a high position in the mafia and must follow the instructions of the Don who wants Carmine to join the organization. We do see the darker side to Dr. DeMarco in the North Carolina home and unfortunately, Haven bears the brunt of that moment.


I liked how the author reworked the original fan fiction. This was not just a replace names with new names, there were some editorial changes which helped move the novel along. I did find that the book was very long and at times the pacing was a little slow, almost a slog to get through until the last third of the book when the bullets started flying everywhere. I think that this book would benefit from another editorial pass before publication.


Sempre would appeal to those who enjoy family sagas and angsty teen romance. I’m looking forward to reading the next book Sempre: Redemption coming out in April 2014.


Thank you to Edelweiss and Simon and Schuster for a review copy of this book.


Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.Check it out!

Source: badassbookreviews.com/early-review-sempre-by-j-m-darhower
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